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This system is a relatively new  marco  product with a lot of potential. It is already being used for cosmetic and automotive applications for dispensing lubricants and adhesives along the inside of cylindrical parts.


The valve can rotate continuously in either direction. One full rotation of the valve is completed   in minimum of 4 seconds resulting in a rotational speed of approximately 15rpm. When the PivotJet is mounted on a 3-axis gantry, it becomes a highly capable system able to dispense on a wide range of complex 3-Dimensional shapes. Additionally, the angle of the valve can be adjusted and set at specific angles.


A variety of nozzles can be screwed into the valve seat depending on the application. A popular nozzle for this system is a stainless-steal needle 1mm in diameter and 25mm long. This nozzle’s length allows it to reach into small tubes and holes.

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