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Hot Melt

The Polyurethane hot melt system is designed for dispensing reactive polyurethane-based hotmelt adhesives. It is composed of a modular dispensing valve and a special tank for hot melt media with a capacity of 30 cc. Alternative media tank sizes are available. The medium tank, fluid body, and valve each have individually adjustable heaters to ensure optimum medium processing. The medium melts progressively as it passes through the three zones, reaching temperatures up to 160 C ( 320 F). Once it has reached the nozzle orifice, the medium is at the desired temperature. The modular dispensing valve can be operated with a continuous dispensing frequency of up to 500 Hz to allow for high path speed when dispensing hot melt media, achieving line widths or dot diameters of 0.4 mm depending on the adhesive.


Marco’s modular valve systems are particularly convenient for hotmelt applications because it offers the crucial advantage that all parts which are in contact with the medium can be removed, cleaned or replaced individually. The systems can be customized with additional features. Optional desiccant cartridges can be added to reduce contact with humidity and the media tank can be fitted with an ultrasound based level measurement system which can determine the amount of remaining media in the tank.

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