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Superior Jet

Precise, reliable, and affordable, the Superior Jet (sJet) is one of marco’s best sellers. This valve is available with a several different torque block configurations which deliver varied stroke length and closing forces enabling it to dispense low viscosity fluids (e.g. grease, lubricants, solvents) to high viscosity, paste-like materials. The sJet features a closed-loop feedback called "stroke control" which regulates the opening valve stroke within +/- 2µm of desired set stroke even at high dispensing frequencies.


The valve can be fitted with a selection of valve-seats and nozzle types customized to the customer's application. Wetted parts can be easily (dis)assembled, cleaned, and exchanged if they become contaminated or worn out. The valve drive itself is largely maintenance-free during its typical lifetime of 1 billion cycles.


With over a hundred thousand units sold all around the world to companies in the pharmaceutical, automotive, electrical, computer and cell phone industry, the Superior Jet has proven to be a capable and versatile micro-dispensing valve.


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