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Supply Tanks

25L tank-Germany.png
3L tank-Germany.png
3L tank-open-Germany.png

The Marco air-free 2 Component (2C) Material System starts with the Degassing Tanks. Designed for storage and supply of low viscosity fluids. Available in 3 and 25 liter capacities, they have the ability to agitate and degas material before it is delivered to the Marco 2C Mixing Head.

The attached Marco proprietary pump is equipped with a 3X pressure booster. The 3L model provides vacuum up to 300 mbar and the 25L up to 50 mbar. Processing time is optimized in the 25L with a propellor to mix material and integrated heating element. This model also features a built-in venturi nozzle to allow filling without opening the lid.

The modular design optimizes cleaning time and material waste.


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